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  • SevinDust-3pack

    3 Pk. Sevin...

    3 Pk. Ready-to-use. 5% dust insecticide. Kills over 65 insects, canister shaker.
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  • 6302459

    3in1 Oil 3OZ

    Blend of 3 oils that lubricate, clean, protect, and prevent rust.
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  • 6587786

    5M Step 1...

    Step 1 of 4 step program, 14 Lb. Bag. Apply in early spring (February to April). Contains fertilizer to provide a deep, lush and thick green lawn. Prevents crabgrass, foxtail, spurge, oxalis and other grassy weeds all season long.
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  • 6587802

    5M Step 2...

    Step 2 of 4 step program, 13.88 Lb. Bag. Apply in late spring (April-June). Contains fertilizer to build thick, green turf without burning lawn, keeping lawn green for up to 2 months. Kills dandelions, chickweed, clover, plantain and other broadleaf weeds.
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  • 1443795

    5M Step 3...

    Step 3 of 4-step program, 12.5 Lb. Bag. Apply in summer (June-August). Feeds and strengthens lawns against heat and drought. Heat friendly formula won't burn lawns. Grows lush green lawns. Kid and pet friendly.
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  • PEET100124

    Advantage Peet Boot...

    Electric 4 shoe dryer.
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